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Kohab is designed to transform the way you manage your property and protect your home, bringing you real-time access to your financial information and HOA community.

At Kohab transparency means immediate, accurate and real-time access to your HOA.


Transparency means access to information for all members, including board members, homeowners, and key stakeholders.


Connect your HOA bank account through a secure banking connection through plaid. The platform will walk you through this process.


Kohab’s platform is designed to simplify HOA processes with transparency into all HOA information.

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About Us

We are committed to creating thriving HOA collectives and happy communities by providing forward-thinking technology tools, and resources for Homeowners Associations.

So we developed Kohab with all of the functionality that will help a HOA run like a profitable, forward thinking business. Our main motivation is to create HOA collectives that are thriving and happy communities.

We Listened.

Not only have we listened to you, but we know what HOA living and management takes, as we are all members of HOAs too. We recognize most HOAs are running on volunteer’s time, out of big binders, and involve paper chasing. We know how much board members care and that’s why we developed Kohab because we care too.

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Getting Started with Kohab is Quick and Easy

Sign-up is a breeze. But we recognize consensus takes a minute or two. To help that process, we’ve created a library of resources, including demo videos and sell-sheets to help you get Kohab adopted at your HOA.