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Flexible Pricing Options

Kohab’s pricing model is set at a flat rate of $7 per unit, per month.  Pure and simple.  We offer ACH and Credit Card payment options, where fees may apply.

Kohab’s platform is priced to save your HOA time and money. Kohab will reduce your HOA’s overhead costs such as banking fees, accounting software and personnel hours dedicated to reporting and collections.

We also recognize each HOA community is different, so KOHAB offers custom pricing that is available for communities with over 100 units and low-income properties.

Contact us today or use the simple calculator below to estimate your HOA’s annual costs.

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Getting Started with Kohab is Quick and Easy

Sign-up is a breeze. But we recognize consensus takes a minute or two. To help that process, we’ve created a library of resources, including demo videos and sell-sheets to help you get Kohab adopted at your HOA.