Kohab's Mission

Kohab’s mission is to simplify HOA management processes by offering accessibility and transparency in an online platform.
At Kohab, our motto is Technology with a heart. We are dedicated to to creating a product that improves quality of life for HOA board members and homeowners alike. We believe that fairness, transparency, and communication are critical to the success of community living,and subsequently, HOA management.  As such, we created Kohab, an online tool that simplifies HOA management by providing real-time access and transparency for all.  Kohab will serve you the critical information needed to manage your HOA operations and engage with your community effectively.   Kohab will help your HOA:

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About Us

We are committed to creating thriving HOA collectives and happy communities by providing forward-thinking technology, tools, and resources for Homeowners associations.

So we developed Kohab with all of the functionality that will help a HOA run like a profitable, forward thinking business. . Our main motivation is to create HOA collectives that are thriving and happy communities.

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