We recognize each HOA community is different.  Kohab now offers custom pricing based on HOA size and structure. Visit our pricing page or contact us directly for a customized pricing plan.

In general, pricing is based on number of units and collection cycles.

Yes, you will have access to the Kohab Health Report for all members that are part of the Kohab platform. If you would like to request a health report, please send us a chat message or email us at help@getkohab.com

Kohab is meant for HOA's of all sizes. There is no limit on the number of members you can have as part of your Kohab.

Currently, Kohab does not offer cleaning and maintenance services, however we have a network of vetted service providers that we can recommend. Please send us a chat message or email us at help@getkohab.com and we can connect you to our network of trusted professionals.

Fill out the form on our website and we will reach out to you to learn more about your HOA. From there we will begin the onboarding process.

The onboarding process takes just 5 minutes! Your treasurer will need to create an account for your HOA and invite all of your members,

There is no fee when you make your monthly payments from your bank account but you will be charged a processing fee if you use a credit card. The fee is 2.9% + 30 cents.

Yes, absolutely. Kohab uses the same level of encryption used by your banks and financial institutions. Moreover, Kohab does not store your personal bank details anywhere in our system. We use a banking service called Plaid to securely connect to your bank account without needing to know or store your login details.

What a member is able to view is dependent on their role, which you can setup in your admin account. For example, members of your Board of Directors will be able to see more functionality than regular members. Below is a list of some of the features designed specifically for Board of Directors:

- Viewing uncategorized expenses
- All jobs that are submitted on your Kohab
- Inviting other members
- Managing HOA members' payments

We built Kohab to make it easy for you to invite other members of your HOA or your housemates. In the Kohab dashboard, select the "Invite" button in the header. Then the member you invited will get an email on how to setup their account.

Only members of the Board of Directors can remove users. Visit the dropdown menu located in the top right of the header and select "Kohab Members." Then click on the three dot menu next to the member you want to remove and select "Pause."

We work with all types of HOA's. Any HOA with over 1 unit can benefit from Kohab.

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