October 2020

What does simplicity mean for an HOA?

Welcome to THE NABE, Kohab’s blog space where we act, engage, and discuss all things HOA.  It’s real talk, amongst neighbors- The NABE! Welcome HOA Board Members and Homeowners!! Errrr…. Wait. Before we start, can we talk about the elephant in the room? HOA management, HOA living.  Most of the time, things run smoothly.  But at times, it can be overly-complicated and amazingly difficult to get things done, to get information, and to get a straight answer.  HOA homeowners we know you are often in frustrating positions, without clear information, direction, or anyone to answer your questions.  And board members, we know it takes a lot of your time, personal time, to manage the abundance of complaints, tasks, and information seeking.  And the toughest part? Sometimes at the end of all of it, you still can’t get access to the information you need. It’s a lot. Okay, thanks, we feel better already just getting that off our chest. Phewww. Okay, now… the good stuff. We know that because we live in and manage HOAs ourselves.  And THAT, is why we started Kohab- to make managing and living in an HOA simple and transparent- to give you back important time. What does simplicity mean for an HOA?   It means being easy to understand, easy to do, and easy to communicate.  And simplicity is super important to us, because we know how important it is to you. We’re talking automation and access. We designed Kohab to automate all of the daily tasks, reports, and collections of information for HOAs. While the technology platform is simple, it’s revolutionary to HOAs: First, property managers and board treasures set up the HOA Collective, which is inclusive of all financial and HOA information.  Second, homeowners plug into the newly created Kohab Collective  where they can pay their monthly assessments.  From there, we have lift off and immediate access to: –               Monthly budget reports –               Annual budget planning –               Assessment allocation and spending reports –               Assessment tracking status and follow up functions –               HOA bylaws –               Board meeting schedules and minutes reports –               Voting applications –               Maintenance requests and more…. It’s simple.  And it works.  Come on over to Kohab!  
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