What does HOA Membership look like?

So now that you’re in, what should an HOA do for you? HOAs, or homeowner’s associations, are groups of people  within a certain type of real estate development that establishes and enforces rules and regulations for that community.  Typically the HOA has a board of elected, volunteer officials.  HOA members are composed of the homeowners, who all adhere to the same rules, regulations, privileges and protections provided by that HOA.   What kinds of services are offered by my HOA? HOA functions include property maintenance, such as landscaping and snow shoveling, garbage removal, pool cleaning, laundry machines, and many more.  As important as the services and shared communal spaces within an HOA, are the efforts made by the HOA at maintaining property values.  Dues collected overtime go into HOA reserves for investments that affect communities at large.  Examples are window or water riser replacements, property expansion, and new amenities. At the same time, HOAs can limit members and their efforts at individual property altering, otherwise known as Common restrictive covenants (CRCs). For example, in efforts to maintain property values through cohesive aesthetic measures, and HOA may require all fences within a community be white-picketed and thus, block a member from installing a less-expensive, chain-linked fence.   Do I have a voice in my HOA? HOAs have plenty of rules and bylaws.  These rules are intended to protect all the human rights of the HOA members, and should be applied equally to all. Be sure to get to know these well in order to avoid sanctions or fines. It is equally important to know when board meetings are held for important votes and decision making for your HOA.  Participation and voting is an essential component to ensuring your voice is heard within an HOA. For this reason, Kohab designed a virtual voting and communication platform so all members can participate in key discussions, votes, and communicate effectively with other members, board, and property staff.  At Kohab, we call this platform, “Technology with a Heart.”  We want to ensure that you are as happy every day in your home and community as we want to be. To better understand HOA rules and regulations, check out these helpful links:
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