Welcome to KOHAB

Welcome to KOHAB: Technology with a heart

Welcome to THE NABE blog, where we will highlight issues that impact your HOA (or homeowner’s association) communities, and open a conversation that enables us to create happier and healthier neighborhoods to live in. The NABE will feature several topics, such as HOA rights, anti-discrimination practicies, board development and best practices. The NABE is developed by Kohab- the first and only online HOA management tool, that was designed to transform the way we interact within HOAs. Kohab provides a simple, digital solution that connects you to your HOA.  It is designed to transform the way you manage your property and interact within your communities. At Kohab, we say our motto is “Technology with a heart.” We believe that by simplifying the HOA processes, providing transparency and accessibility to all, we can reestablish the importance of neighborhoods and community, in our modern era.  We believe that ALL members of an HOA are entitled to transparency and real-time information.  We believe that these are pillars of effective, thriving, and happy communities.  We believe that together, we can make great things happen. Welcome to Kohab- technology with a heart, here to transform your HOA.
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