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Tips for Simplicity

Run your HOA like a modern, sophisticated business where simplicity is the rule. Allow Kohab to automate repetitive tasks and reporting functions, so you can manage your HOA business effectively. HOA Simplicity Tip #1: Streamline Assessment Alert and Collection Process: HOAs require several layers of communication in just the assessment process alone. Remove the layers by automating these communications on your Kohab platform.  HOA Simplicity Tip #2: Automate Monthly and Annual Reporting: HOAs require several layers of communication from day to day operations, monthly reporting, large initiatives, to long-term fiscal concerns, all HOA members and board members alike need to be informed.  HOA Simplicity Tip #3: Communicate Effectively and Often. Effective communication is at the heart of simplicity. Reach your homeowners where they are, in real time— and consistently.  HOA Simplicity Tip #4: Organize.This one seems obvious, but anyone who manages an HOA knows there is a TON of information and a TON of questions that come with it. Bringing it all together in an user-friendly platform brings organization and simplicity to your HOA.  Kohab is here to help seamlessly assemble HOA boards, financial reporting and bylaws structures. Kohab is designed as the first online HOA platform, it’s quick, it’s customizable, and it will save you time and money. Come check us out and ask about custom pricing plans for your HOA. Get Kohab today, it’s OH so simple.
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