Streamline HOA Management Costs

Kohab is designed to simplify and organize your HOA and in doing so, save your HOA time and reduce overhead costs. Save time, save money? Heard that before. Sounds like we’re drinking our own kool-aid, we know. But, hang on for a minute and we’ll explain. Our mission at Kohab is to remove barriers and create a platform that allows all HOA members and board members alike to engage, collaborate, and cohabitate freely and equally. We did this, because we care about equality and we care about community. In doing so, we just happened to streamline a bunch of stuff. And THAT’s why we’re talking about savings. We didn’t set out to make this more efficient, we just discovered by accident how transparency also leads to efficiency. And efficiency, well, that’s the golden nugget that will free you to focus on the important, community building aspects of HOA leadership. In fact, HOA Treasurers and property managers spend several hours each month budgeting and reporting, and distributing those reports to internal and external stakeholders. Kohab automates all reporting and budget functions, saving 25+ hours a month. We also recognize how much time communicating is required for an HOA to run like a well-oiled machine. There are several layers of communication from day to day operations, monthly reporting, large initiatives, to long-term fiscal concerns, all HOA members and board members alike need to be informed. The automated communication tools and methods of distributing financial and property information that makes your HOA communication, oh so simple, and also easy to track. Efficiency has no limits. Let’s keep going. Property maintenance and individual home repairs within an HOA homes are some of the biggest tasks for HOA boards and property managers alike. Beyond the oversight, property maintenance requires a lot of communication and oversight. Our maintenance platform is designed to assist property managers with a request tracker, communication platform for issues involving multiple units, and a historical database for clear record into project timelines and ongoing initiatives. Kohab’s platform reduces time spent in all managerial tasks within an HOA. By automating reporting and communication functions, streamlining monthly collections, reporting, and maintenance requests, Kohab can save you over 100 hours a month in time. Download our quick one-pager with a customizable calculator to see how much time Kohab can save YOUR HOA.
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