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Start Your New Year Off Right With Kohab!

January 1st.   A new year.   A clean slate…  …and we know, lots of goals! Budget goals? Operational changes needed? Piles of paperwork?  We got you covered.  Kohab’s technology is designed to allow HOAs to flourish in all environments- all while saving an estimated 100 hours a month in daily document and process management.  With Kohab, you can set your HOA 2021 budget and goals in minutes, automating all budget functions, including assessment collection and annual audits.   And not just financial tasks.  Let’s get organized, communicate effectively, and make 2021 the year of HOA transparency and deep breaths.   To make things simple, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top 7 most important things for a successful 2021 in your HOA: Kohab’s 2021 HOA Checklist:
  1. Establish annual HOA budget and fiscal Goals
  2. Publish budget and reporting to HOA community 
  3. Conduct Assessment audit and reconciliation 
  4. Move HOA rules & regulations, by-laws, and communications to a virtual platform 
  5. Develop platform for virtual voting and HOA board meetings 
  6. Prepare annual maintenance schedule and spring cleaning  
  7. Enhance culture and community engagement 
Join the collective of HOAs utilizing KOHAB to revolutionize their HOA management and reach your 2021 goals seamlessly.  One simple, secure, and timely platform to house all association bylaws, rules, meeting minutes, and voting platforms.   Last, as part of our dedication to creating thriving communities, Kohab is free until 6/30/21. We believe this COVID-19 relief will help transform your HOA by providing a seamless communication tool, online payments, record of board meetings, voting capabilities, shared files, and more. We are offering the platform for free because we recognize these functions as essential to HOAs and want to help connect you and your communities, virtually, and beyond.  
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