Neighborhoods Matter

People Matter, Neighborhoods Matter

Meet Dwight, the HOA secretary.  Dwight is the glue that holds HOA boards together, they are responsible for all correspondence within an HOA.  He  maintains the association’s meeting minutes and official records, reviewing and updating documents as required and ensuring they are stored safely and accessible to association members. He or she is responsible for providing proper notice of meetings, as well as distributing documents, such as official records, agendas and meeting minutes, on a timely basis to association members and/or their authorized representatives. In addition, as the custodian of the association’s official records and documents, the secretary ensures the association meets all legal documentation requirements, such as annual filing deadlines.  Dwight loves how seamlessly he can communicate on Kohab’s platform, delivering consistent messages and prioritization of issues throughout his HOA community.  More importantly, Dwight values how transparent Kohab requires communications to be. To better understand how HOA laws provide protections to homeowners, check out :  
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