Fair Housing Policies

More than Numbers: Fair Housing Policies

Meet Michael, the HOA Board Treasurer.  He is responsible for the association’s funds, securities and financial records.  He oversees billing, collections and disbursement of funds, and coordinates the development of the association’s proposed annual operating budget and reserve allocations.  In addition, the treasurer is responsible for monitoring the budget and reporting on the association’s financial status throughout the year, as well as for overseeing year-end reporting and any required audits. In self-managed communities, in which many of the day-to-day financial responsibilities are handled by a property management company, the treasurer is responsible for ensuring that all association funds are collected, disbursed, invested and reported accurately and remain in compliance at all times with the association’s by-laws and governing documents. To Michael, we are more than a number.  We are people and neighbors who deserve equal protection, access, and prioritization.  Which is why Michael adopted Kohab: to provide transparency and access to financial information to all HOA members. For more information, check out the resources below:
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