Gratitude Built Kohab

Happy Thanksgiving from Kohab! We are so grateful for all of the partnerships and communities we helped form this year. We know it’s been a challenging year for many, yet our communities, families, and friends continue to support one another and make us feel at home. At Kohab, 2020 was a remarkable year for us. The shutdown allowed for more time and focus on enhancing our platform and refining our approach of building happy communities. One of the biggest gifts this year was the reminder to find gratitude and appreciation for all parts of the process. We implemented a discipline of daily gratitude; recognizing our achievements, the people, the helpers, the lucky breaks; acknowledging the challenges as they came and finding appreciation for them as opportunities to further refine. Although initiated as a practice for our personal peace, this daily act of gratitude is what allowed Kohab to bloom. It allowed for new ideas to flow, attract the right persons, and paved the way for a dynamic, ever-evolving platform to launch. And, we felt at peace. We will continue to practice gratitude and offer appreciation beyond 2020. And we wish you all the same, a sense of daily gratitude, peace, and contentment. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Kohab. Peter, Jen, Kasi, Deepak