December 2020 – Now Free


As part of our dedication to creating thriving communities, we are pleased to announce that KOHAB is free until June 30, 2021. We are offering this COVID-19 relief because we recognize our virtual platform functions are essential to HOAs and want to help connect you and your communities, virtually, and beyond.

At KOHAB, we believe that by simplifying the HOA processes, providing transparency and accessibility to all, we can reestablish the importance of neighborhoods and community, in our modern era. We believe that ALL members of an HOA are entitled to transparency and real-time information. We believe that these are pillars of effective, thriving, and happy communities. We believe that together, we can make great things happen.

We believe this COVID-19 relief will help transform your HOA by providing a seamless communication tool, online payments, record of board meetings, voting capabilities, shared files, and more. We are offering the platform for free because we recognize these functions as essential to HOAs and want to help connect you and your communities, virtually, and beyond.

Let’s be honest, 2020 was a wild ride. Let’s raise a toast in gratitude to all the essential workers, healthcare providers, friends , families, and neighbors who made this year possible – and enjoy 6 months of free Kohab, on us.

Cheers to a joyful and thriving 2021!


Streamline HOA Management Costs

Kohab is designed to simplify and organize your HOA and in doing so, save your HOA time and reduce overhead costs.

Save time, save money? Heard that before.

Sounds like we’re drinking our own kool-aid, we know. But, hang on for a minute and we’ll explain.

Our mission at Kohab is to remove barriers and create a platform that allows all HOA members and board members alike to engage, collaborate, and cohabitate freely and equally. We did this, because we care about equality and we care about community.

In doing so, we just happened to streamline a bunch of stuff. And THAT’s why we’re talking about savings. We didn’t set out to make this more efficient, we just discovered by accident how transparency also leads to efficiency.

And efficiency, well, that’s the golden nugget that will free you to focus on the important, community building aspects of HOA leadership.

In fact, HOA Treasurers and property managers spend several hours each month budgeting and reporting, and distributing those reports to internal and external stakeholders. Kohab automates all reporting and budget functions, saving 25+ hours a month.

We also recognize how much time communicating is required for an HOA to run like a well-oiled machine. There are several layers of communication from day to day operations, monthly reporting, large initiatives, to long-term fiscal concerns, all HOA members and board members alike need to be informed. The automated communication tools and methods of distributing financial and property information that makes your HOA communication, oh so simple, and also easy to track.

Efficiency has no limits. Let’s keep going.

Property maintenance and individual home repairs within an HOA homes are some of the biggest tasks for HOA boards and property managers alike. Beyond the oversight, property maintenance requires a lot of communication and oversight. Our maintenance platform is designed to assist property managers with a request tracker, communication platform for issues involving multiple units, and a historical database for clear record into project timelines and ongoing initiatives.

Kohab’s platform reduces time spent in all managerial tasks within an HOA. By automating reporting and communication functions, streamlining monthly collections, reporting, and maintenance requests, Kohab can save you over 100 hours a month in time.

Download our quick one-pager with a customizable calculator to see how much time Kohab can save YOUR HOA.


Gratitude Built Kohab

Happy Thanksgiving from Kohab!

We are so grateful for all of the partnerships and communities we helped form this year. We know it’s been a challenging year for many, yet our communities, families, and friends continue to support one another and make us feel at home.

At Kohab, 2020 was a remarkable year for us. The shutdown allowed for more time and focus on enhancing our platform and refining our approach of building happy communities. One of the biggest gifts this year was the reminder to find gratitude and appreciation for all parts of the process. We implemented a discipline of daily gratitude; recognizing our achievements, the people, the helpers, the lucky breaks; acknowledging the challenges as they came and finding appreciation for them as opportunities to further refine.

Although initiated as a practice for our personal peace, this daily act of gratitude is what allowed Kohab to bloom. It allowed for new ideas to flow, attract the right persons, and paved the way for a dynamic, ever-evolving platform to launch. And, we felt at peace.

We will continue to practice gratitude and offer appreciation beyond 2020. And we wish you all the same, a sense of daily gratitude, peace, and contentment.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Kohab.

Peter, Jen, Kasi, Deepak

October 2020

What does simplicity mean for an HOA?

Welcome to THE NABE, Kohab’s blog space where we act, engage, and discuss all things HOA.  It’s real talk, amongst neighbors- The NABE!

Welcome HOA Board Members and Homeowners!!

Errrr…. Wait.

Before we start, can we talk about the elephant in the room?

HOA management, HOA living.  Most of the time, things run smoothly.  But at times, it can be overly-complicated and amazingly difficult to get things done, to get information, and to get a straight answer.  HOA homeowners we know you are often in frustrating positions, without clear information, direction, or anyone to answer your questions.  And board members, we know it takes a lot of your time, personal time, to manage the abundance of complaints, tasks, and information seeking.  And the toughest part? Sometimes at the end of all of it, you still can’t get access to the information you need.

It’s a lot.

Okay, thanks, we feel better already just getting that off our chest.


Okay, now… the good stuff.

We know that because we live in and manage HOAs ourselves.  And THAT, is why we started Kohab- to make managing and living in an HOA simple and transparent- to give you back important time.

What does simplicity mean for an HOA?  

It means being easy to understand, easy to do, and easy to communicate.  And simplicity is super important to us, because we know how important it is to you.

We’re talking automation and access.

We designed Kohab to automate all of the daily tasks, reports, and collections of information for HOAs.

While the technology platform is simple, it’s revolutionary to HOAs: First, property managers and board treasures set up the HOA Collective, which is inclusive of all financial and HOA information.  Second, homeowners plug into the newly created Kohab Collective  where they can pay their monthly assessments.  From there, we have lift off and immediate access to:

–               Monthly budget reports

–               Annual budget planning

–               Assessment allocation and spending reports

–               Assessment tracking status and follow up functions

–               HOA bylaws

–               Board meeting schedules and minutes reports

–               Voting applications

–               Maintenance requests and more….

It’s simple.  And it works.  Come on over to Kohab!



Let’s talk transparency

Welcome to THE NABE, Kohab’s blog space where we act, engage, and discuss all things HOA.  It’s real talk, amongst neighbors (The NABE!).

This month we want to talk about transparency.  It’s super important to us, because we know how important it is to you.

What does transparency look like in an HOA?

At Kohab, transparency means immediate, real-time access to your HOA.

Transparency means clear and accurate information.  When it comes to budgets and bylaws, there is no room for ambiguity.   Numbers are black and white.  Rules and regulations are black and white.

Transparency also means accessibility to information for all members: board members, homeowners, and key stakeholders, alike.  And when we say access, we mean real access.  Financial budgets should be accessible to HOA presidents, secretaries, treasurers, homeowners, and property managers alike.

Why is transparency important?

Transparency allows all members of a shared organization – in other words, your HOA – the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions to protect investments and property value.  Transparency allows for clarity amongst community members on rules, procedures, bylaws, and agreements.

Moreover, transparency saves you time.  When information is clear and readily available, the time spent digging for or communicating the same information to multiple parties.

Most importantly, cultivating a high-functioning culture with your HOA requires open, transparent communication. Information must be shared upward, downward, and laterally. Transparent communication fosters trust, accountability, and security.  All of the pillars required to lead your HOA successful.

How do you cultivate transparency?

At Kohab, we’re clearing the way for an elevated HOA experience through simplicity and transparency.   The Kohab platform concept is simple, yet revolutionary to HOAs: First, property managers and board treasures set up the HOA Collective, which is inclusive of all financial and HOA information.  Second, homeowners plug into the newly created Kohab Collective  where they can pay their monthly assessments.  From there, we have lift off and immediate access to:

–               Monthly budget reports

–               Annual budget planning

–               Assessment allocation and spending reports

–               Assessment tracking status and follow up functions

–               HOA bylaws

–               Board meeting schedules and minutes reports

–               Voting applications

–               Maintenance requests and more….

It’s simple.  And it works.  Come on over to Kohab, where transparency rules the day.


What does HOA Membership look like?

So now that you’re in, what should an HOA do for you?

HOAs, or homeowner’s associations, are groups of people  within a certain type of real estate development that establishes and enforces rules and regulations for that community.  Typically the HOA has a board of elected, volunteer officials.  HOA members are composed of the homeowners, who all adhere to the same rules, regulations, privileges and protections provided by that HOA.


What kinds of services are offered by my HOA?

HOA functions include property maintenance, such as landscaping and snow shoveling, garbage removal, pool cleaning, laundry machines, and many more.  As important as the services and shared communal spaces within an HOA, are the efforts made by the HOA at maintaining property values.  Dues collected overtime go into HOA reserves for investments that affect communities at large.  Examples are window or water riser replacements, property expansion, and new amenities.

At the same time, HOAs can limit members and their efforts at individual property altering, otherwise known as Common restrictive covenants (CRCs). For example, in efforts to maintain property values through cohesive aesthetic measures, and HOA may require all fences within a community be white-picketed and thus, block a member from installing a less-expensive, chain-linked fence.


Do I have a voice in my HOA?

HOAs have plenty of rules and bylaws.  These rules are intended to protect all the human rights of the HOA members, and should be applied equally to all. Be sure to get to know these well in order to avoid sanctions or fines. It is equally important to know when board meetings are held for important votes and decision making for your HOA.  Participation and voting is an essential component to ensuring your voice is heard within an HOA.

For this reason, Kohab designed a virtual voting and communication platform so all members can participate in key discussions, votes, and communicate effectively with other members, board, and property staff.  At Kohab, we call this platform, “Technology with a Heart.”  We want to ensure that you are as happy every day in your home and community as we want to be.

To better understand HOA rules and regulations, check out these helpful links:



August 2020

Becoming a Homeowner within an HOA

Meet Lauren, a first-time homeowner, learning everything there is to know about buying a new home and being a member of a homeowner’s association.

Buying your first home or finding your dream home is no small thing- it’s life changing.   Below, we’ve outlined the a-b-c’s of homeowner’s associations (HOAs) so you can make the best decisions about your purchase and navigate the rules and regulations of HOA communities.

A. HOA members are elected from among the residents and serve to maintain grounds, master insurance, community utilities, as well as the overall finances of the building complex or community. Important questions to ask:

  • How often are board votes held?
  • How does the HOA handle conflicts with residents?
  • Does the HOA have green provisions?
  • Are there parking restrictions?
  • Does the HOA have rules for fences?

B. HOAs will require all unit owners to pay a monthly maintenance charge and may also demand special one-time assessments to cover large community expenses.  What kind of questions to ask:

  • How much are dues?
  • How often are they assessed?
  • What are the average increases over time?
  • How often are there special assessments?
  • Is building maintenance included?

C. Amenities, such as access to a pool, gym, golf course, laundry, security or lounge are often included with HOA dues.  When looking at a property that has an HOA, the first thing you should consider is what’s included.

  • What amenities are included?
  • Does HOA maintain landscaping?

While we’ve designed this post to make your house-hunting easier, we’ve also created KOHAB to make living in an HOA easier, with transparency into all of the components above.

If you’d like more information about buying into an HOA, check out these helpful links:


Take Action - Discrimination Not Tolerated!

Take Action – Discrimination Not Tolerated!

Meet Ingrid, the HOA Board President.  As president, Ingrid leads the Board and is responsible for overseeing and handling many of its procedural duties. In order to succeed in this role, the Board president must be knowledgeable about the community’s CC&Rs and governing documents and understand how to run an effective meeting.  He or she serves as the authority on all association rules and governing documents, and appoints committees if dictated by the bylaws.  The president also leads community and association meetings, handling such responsibilities as calling the meeting to order, announcing the agenda and ensuring adherence, maintaining attendee order and decorum,  proposing questions, calling for votes and announcing the results, and recognizing others to speak on the floor. Most importantly, Ingrid is responsible for developing a code of conduct within an HOA, that extends beyond the board to all community members.  Establishing a code of conduct within Kohab is easy, and at top of the list states “discrimination will not be tolerated.

For more information, check out Code of Ethics ohttps://www.echo-ca.org/article/ethics-code-hoa-board-members

Fair Housing Policies

More than Numbers: Fair Housing Policies

Meet Michael, the HOA Board Treasurer.  He is responsible for the association’s funds, securities and financial records.  He oversees billing, collections and disbursement of funds, and coordinates the development of the association’s proposed annual operating budget and reserve allocations.  In addition, the treasurer is responsible for monitoring the budget and reporting on the association’s financial status throughout the year, as well as for overseeing year-end reporting and any required audits. In self-managed communities, in which many of the day-to-day financial responsibilities are handled by a property management company, the treasurer is responsible for ensuring that all association funds are collected, disbursed, invested and reported accurately and remain in compliance at all times with the association’s by-laws and governing documents. To Michael, we are more than a number.  We are people and neighbors who deserve equal protection, access, and prioritization.  Which is why Michael adopted Kohab: to provide transparency and access to financial information to all HOA members.

For more information, check out the resources below:

HOA Rights are Humans Rights

HOA Rights are Humans Rights

Meet Tabitha, HOA Vice President. She shares many of the leadership and procedural duties with the president, including assuming the leadership role when the president is unable to do so.  The vice president’s responsibilities include ensuring order is maintained during meetings and parliamentary procedures, ensuring a smooth flow of business and serving as an informed source about association rules, bylaws and governing documents.  Tabitha’s objective is to ensure that the HOA protects all of its members, against bias, discrimination, or unfair treament.  Kohab helps Tabitha provide transparency of HOA laws and ethical standards by publishing all rules and bylaws, meeting notes and decisions, and giving equal voting access to all members.

For morning information,check out the Equal Opportunity Fair Housing Act: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/fair_housing_equal_opp/fair_housing_rights_and_obligations