Let’s talk transparency

Welcome to THE NABE, Kohab’s blog space where we act, engage, and discuss all things HOA.  It’s real talk, amongst neighbors (The NABE!). This month we want to talk about transparency.  It’s super important to us, because we know how important it is to you. What does transparency look like in an HOA? At Kohab, transparency means immediate, real-time access to your HOA. Transparency means clear and accurate information.  When it comes to budgets and bylaws, there is no room for ambiguity.   Numbers are black and white.  Rules and regulations are black and white. Transparency also means accessibility to information for all members: board members, homeowners, and key stakeholders, alike.  And when we say access, we mean real access.  Financial budgets should be accessible to HOA presidents, secretaries, treasurers, homeowners, and property managers alike. Why is transparency important? Transparency allows all members of a shared organization – in other words, your HOA – the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions to protect investments and property value.  Transparency allows for clarity amongst community members on rules, procedures, bylaws, and agreements. Moreover, transparency saves you time.  When information is clear and readily available, the time spent digging for or communicating the same information to multiple parties. Most importantly, cultivating a high-functioning culture with your HOA requires open, transparent communication. Information must be shared upward, downward, and laterally. Transparent communication fosters trust, accountability, and security.  All of the pillars required to lead your HOA successful. How do you cultivate transparency? At Kohab, we’re clearing the way for an elevated HOA experience through simplicity and transparency.   The Kohab platform concept is simple, yet revolutionary to HOAs: First, property managers and board treasures set up the HOA Collective, which is inclusive of all financial and HOA information.  Second, homeowners plug into the newly created Kohab Collective  where they can pay their monthly assessments.  From there, we have lift off and immediate access to: –               Monthly budget reports –               Annual budget planning –               Assessment allocation and spending reports –               Assessment tracking status and follow up functions –               HOA bylaws –               Board meeting schedules and minutes reports –               Voting applications –               Maintenance requests and more…. It’s simple.  And it works.  Come on over to Kohab, where transparency rules the day.