About Us

We are committed to creating happy communities through forward-thinking technology and HOA education.

Founded in 2019, Kohab was born out of a need to help Homeowners Associations function more efficiently with better communication and transparency. Through personal experience, extensive research, and direct input from HOA’s, we developed Kohab, the first and only digital solution for HOA management.

We developed a tech tool with all of the functionality that will help a HOA run like a profitable, forward thinking business. Our main motivation is to create HOA collectives that are thriving and happy communities.

Our motto is “Technology with a heart.”

We believe by simplifying the HOA processes, providing transparency and accessibility to all, we can reestablish the importance of neighborhoods and community, in our modern era. We believe that ALL members of a HOA are entitled to transparency and real-time information. We believe that these are pillars of effective, thriving, and happy communities. We believe that together, we can make great things happen.

Welcome to Kohab – technology with a heart, here to transform your HOA.



Peter is a born reformer, as proven by years of success launching successful startups and bringing innovative solutions to large corporations. He excels at finding simple solutions to complex problems and enjoys elevating others through these skill sets.

After living for years in HOA structures the many challenges and outdated modes of operations became very obvious. Peter’s passion to solve problems led to the search for solutions that led to the founding concepts that soon became Kohab. Peter believes that by creating data driven plans and a penalty free culture to try new things, it enables every person on the team to contribute and grow both personally and within the company.

Peters Mantra: “Lead with integrity, work collaboratively, and always be open to pivot.”



Jennifer has travelled across the country in devotion to several successful startup launches. What started as an adventure has turned into a deeper challenge of discovery in how brands work. Jen has observed that the key to brands who challenge the status quo and disrupt systems is a strong internal culture of learning, inquisitiveness and authenticity. In her past experience Jen has led large teams with emphasis on process based exploration to create success. By combining her prowess for compelling brand storytelling, art and design, and understanding of internal culture, Jen has become a beacon of light for developing streamlined processes and a culture of learning. She believes Kohab’s strong culture of transparency, fairness, and inquisitiveness will not only build products that are useful and needed but also attract customers with a one of a kind experience.



Kasi understands the importance of community in our lives. Growing up, Kasi lived in several different places across the U.S. and thus learned how important feeling integrated in a community is to people’s happiness and overall well being. This lesson was made ever so clear during 2005 when Hurricane Katrina uprooted Kasi and her family from their home in New Orleans, and displaced them to Texas. In these moments, she realized not only how important community is, but how wildly crucial it is to remove barriers for people to be able to access their communities. We need community, we need to feel connected, we need access, and sometimes, we need barriers removed in order for all persons to be part of our community. And that’s why she helped start Kohab– bring access and connection to HOA communities, and remove all barriers by offering transparency and simplicity for all persons.

In the progressional sphere, Kasi has over 15 years experience in marketing and advertising, with a specialty in business and brand strategy development. Her work spans a wide array of industry across small business and fortune-500 companies, including: pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, tourism, biotech, financial, and transportation. The pillar of Kasi’s work is her passion for authenticity and service to others: creating brand stories to help people actualize their dreams successfully. Speak authentically, work strategically, and never relent in pursuing greatness.

Kohab’s -Ambassadors

Our Virtual team is Kohab’s driving force, they are the experts in our HOA Platform. They are on the front lines everyday, troubleshooting a problem solving to make HOA’s run efficiently, peacefully and transparently. Kohab’s ambassadors are featured throughout the website, social media and materials helping to guide you to easily sign up and address your questions. 


Meet Charlie, Kohab’s founder and most lovable pet in the community.  Charlie is all about community, connection, and creating resources for all HOA members.

Ingrid -HOA President

As president, Ingrid leads the Board and is responsible for overseeing and handling of its procedural duties.

Tabitha -HOA Vice-President

Tabitha is the  Vice President, she shares many of the leadership and procedural duties with the president, including assuming the leadership role when the president is unable to do so.

Dwight -HOA Secretary

As HOA secretary, Dwight is the glue that holds the HOA board together, he is responsible for all correspondence within an HOA.

Michael -HOA Treasurer

Michael is the HOA Board Treasurer.  He is responsible for the association’s funds, securities and financial records.

Loren - Homeowner

Meet Lauren, a first-time homeowner.  She joined Kohab to help share everything she learned about buying a new home and being a member of a homeowner’s association.